Loft Insulation

Around 25% of all heat lost in an un-insulated home goes through the roof!

Because heat rises, and in an un-insulated house around a quarter of your heat is lost through the roof. Insulating your loft is an effective way to prevent this heat loss and reduce your fuel bills.

A loft can be insulated using rolls of mineral wool. The first layer is laid between the joists – the horizontal beams that make up the ‘floor’ of the loft – then a second layer is cross-laid at right angles to cover the joists and make the insulation up to the recommended required depth of 300mm.

Insulating your loft will not only keep your house warmer but as a result will make the roof space colder. As part of the service, we will therefore insulate and active pipes and water tanks as they will now be more likely to freeze. We will also draught proof the loft hatch where possible to prevent this colder air from penetrating through to the house.

Grants of up to 100% are available with suitable qualifying criteria.

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