Keeping the workplace powered and heated is a major business cost for any company

Solar PV panels and renewable energy measures offer a cost effective solution to generating the electricity and heat to power your business in a better and greener way.
Anyone who installs a renewable generation system – such as solar PV systems (up to a capacity of 5MW), Biomass boilers and Air Source Heat Pumps is eligible to claim money under the Government’s Feed-In Tariffs scheme.

Solar PV for business: Investing in solar panels is an easy decision for most businesses to make. Not only does the government pay you for the energy you generate, potentially up to 14% year-on-year return on investment, you also protect your business from rising energy bills.
The Feed-In Tariff works by giving a set amount for each unit (kilowatt hour or kWh) of electricity you generate. The rates vary depending on the size and type of system you have installed.
As well as the generation tariff, you can also sell any extra units you don’t use back to the National Grid. This is called an ‘export tariff’.
As Approved Green Deal Installers, ESI Scotland can provide expert advice on the best solar PV system for your workplace
Biomass for business: Biomass boilers provide a total solution for heating and hot water for commercial applications. They also provide:
• High efficiencies, converting up to 96% of energy into usable heat,
• Significant reductions in your heating bills,
• Generate a generous income while you save with the Commercial Renewable Heat Incentive, meaning your business heating could be completely free,
• A carbon neutral alternative to fossil fuel systems: wood fuel releases the same amount of CO2 when burned as it has absorbed during its life,A larger commercial biomass boiler of 200 kW, replacing an oil boiler:
• has an expected payback of 4 years
• would earn approximately £607K through RHI payments over 20years
would offer a total financial benefit of £885K over 20 years (including RHI and fuel savings)

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